Monday, May 10, 2010

I have a new woolly hat

And just in time for Summer too. Hah. My husband asked me what the point is in kintting a wolly hat, when Summer is just around the corner, shouldn't I knit something a bit more "user-friendly". Oh, stupid, stupid man. He doesn't understand that when you see a pattern, fall in love with it, then you must immediately knit it, no matter what season it is. What can I say, he's a man and he doesn't knit. Nobody really expects him to understand anyway. And the pattern? I told you about it earlier, in this lil post right here. Well, now it's finished, and I love it! It took me a week to knit it, but that's just because I'm bloody lazy.
Ha, taking pictures of your own head is such fun! Here are a few more pictures just to prove how fun it is. Haha, my nose looks huge in that first pic. :D
And then I realized that huh, I could just put the hat on the head of one of the children running around here, taking a picture would probably be way much easier. And then I woke up and realized that the boy, whose head I put the hat on, can't sit still for even a fraction of a second, so all the pictures were blurry. Plus he kept making silly faces for the camera, like so: :)
Pattern: Skid by Stephen West (ravel it)
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Cadmium and some unidentified white yarn..
Needles: umm, methinks I used 5mm's..


  1. That is one COOL hat! I LOVE IT!

  2. villapeikko - kiitti!

    hillanen - thanks!

    Dorothy - I know, right? I love it too! :)