Sunday, May 23, 2010

From idea to FO in four days

I have my first skill-test-thingamagee (I really have no idea what it's called in English, it's "opinnäytetyö" in Finnish. It's a test at school where we prove that we've actually learned something.) at school next week, and we got a little surprise on Monday, when our teacher told us that we're getting an extra assignment that we have to do before the real test. Well yay, because the test itself isn't stressful enough.. Anyway, our assignment was to design and make a bag by Tuesday. We had two days to design the thing (actually, we had to draw up three different bags, our teacher chose which one we had to do) and four days to sew it up. I've been working on mine all weekend and just finished it. I still have to get it ironed properly, but I'll do that at school tomorrow, the equipment at school is better. :)

Anyhow, here's my design (please keep in mind that I can not draw), the most difficult one of the three that I drew up.
And here is the finished product
(Actually, now that I compare the pictures to eachother, the drawing looks better. :O ) I am happy with the end result tho, I spent a couple sweaty hours sewing it. I'm especially happy with the zipper, it wasn't the easiest thing to sew, but I did it. :)
Now I just have to hope that the teachers evaluating our work like it too. :)


  1. I think you're talking about an exam.

    The purse looks great! Congratulations!

  2. It looks just like your drawing! It's great :)

  3. This looks great! Wow, I wish I could so this in 4 days ;-) Hope your teacher likes the bag too!

  4. Dorothy - it's kind of a proficiency test, where the teachers evaluate our work, to see if we've learned what we should have learned by now. Oh, and thanks! :)

    Amybel - thank you!

    Ellie - thanks! I did get a bit of an inferiority complex when I was looking at the bags that my class mates made, one was more gorgeous than the next.