Friday, November 27, 2009

I have a new bag! (plus a crumpled dress..)

I needed a new bag, the one I had was a bit too summery for this time of year. So I took some wonderful Michael Miller fabric (that I got from Hawthorne Threads, when they were still on Etsy). Then I cut up some fabric and started sewing. And a few days later I had a new bag. It's not perfect, apparently I wasn't thinking at all when I was sewing it together, but it'll do. Here it is
I wanted a flap on this one, so that it's not an open bag like the other one. I think I still have to add abutton, so that I can close the flap. And so that the bag wouldn't be too boring, I made the inside with bright polka dots. :)
And I added a pocket! Altho I sewed it on the wrong side.. Oh well, maybe I'll remember next time on which side I have to sew it on.
Plus I have the coolest reflector ever. :)
The crumpled dress I mentioned is this one
It's a Christmas dress for the tiny one, the same basic pattern I used for this dress, modified a bit. I still have to add the zipper (my very favorite part!) and maybe add some sequins or something to hide fact that somebody cut the fabric very crookedly.. Oh, and I plan on ironing it before I show you the finished item. ;)


  1. Thanks! I love the bag too! With all its faults and flaws. :)

  2. I love to see your sewing items! The bag looks perfect to me :). Looking forward to seeing the lovely holiday dress too!

  3. Amybel - thanks! I'm hoping to get the dress finished tomorrow, then I can start working on the next one..