Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wheee, a.k.a. I have an FO

I know you haven't heard that in a while. :) I have an FO, how cool is that? :D Ok, so it's only a pair of teenytiny socks, but still, I'm very happy to be showing you something else than just WIP's for a change. (Altho I do have a new WIP too..) Oh, btw, the title of this blog post could also have been: Chapter 78, where we learn about the difficulties of taking a photo of a pair of socks, while an 18-month-old is wearing them. But that would have been a way too long title. :D But here's a pic to prove that it is difficult to take a photo of a small child wearing her new woolly socks
Here's a better photo :)
And one more photo of the socks, without feet in them
The new WIP I have is a scarf for an orphan boy in Estonia. A bunch of friends on mine have been making handmade Christmas presents for all the kids in an Estonian orphanage. The boy I'm knitting for is a soccer-fan, so I thought it would be fun to make him a black-white-green scarf, because the ball is usually black and white, and the game is played on green grass. :) I'm making it in a simple 1x1 rib, and I'm knitting the yarn held double, to make it nice and warm. I hope the boy will like it. The yarn is Sisu by Sandnes Garn.
And finally, the Chrissie pressie monster is almost finished, I just need to sew on his eye and make the mouth. And bind off a couple loose ends. So soon I can start working on the Hello Kitty-doll that I'm also making as a Christmas present. :)


  1. Your monster came out great! I always hate sewing all the arms and legs on because they get all crazy on me. You seemed to have kept them all under control nicely!

  2. Amybel - thanks! I think the monster is pretty cool. :) I'm not fond of sewing on arms and legs either, and I admit that it's not the tidiest finish I've seen, but it'll do. I think (and hope!) my godson will like it. :)

  3. Oh I love the socks! And the monster! And the scarf! You've been busy :) What a nice thing to do, knitting for the children at the orphanage!

  4. Oi kuvaamisen autuutta kun on kyse lapselle neulotusta. Sukat taitaa olla ne kaikkein vaikein kuvattava in action :)

  5. Alexandra - you're so positive that you brighten up the dullest of days, thank you! :)

    Samma - juu, varsinkin tuommoinen ikiliikkuja 1½-vuotias on hyvinkin hankala kuvattava! :)