Monday, August 8, 2011

We've gone all girly around here.

I've always been a jeans girl. Never really cared for skirts or dresses and such. But this Summer I've come in touch with my girly side, and have made, not one, but two dresses for myself. And I've cut up the fabric to make another dress. And two skirts. :O No, wait, three skirts. But more on those when I actually get around to sewing them... The first dress is a maxi dress, because, you know, maxi dresses are in at the moment. I had problems with getting the upper part to fit, so there kinda is a seam where there kinda shouldn't be one... But you kinda can't tell that from the picture. :D
(Yes, the picture is, again, horrendous, sorry. The next one won't be any better either. :P)

And if the first dress was a maxi, then the second dress is the exact opposite, it ended up a wee bit too short. :D I kept yanking it down all night, afraid that my butt was showing. The fabric was a pain to work with, especially since the dress has a princess cut both in the front and in the back. Plus I've gotten a wee bit smaller lately, so the dress was too big for me at first. Well, it's my own fault really, I should have made some measurements before starting to cut fabric. Oh well, you learn as long as you live, I guess. :)

And since I have a new-found fondness for zippers that show, I decided to add a big metal zipper to this dress. :)
Last, but not least we have a dress for my tiny princess. She threw a fit the other day when we went shopping, and stupid mommy didn't buy her the princess dress she wanted. But I bought the fabric to make her a dress ages ago, just never got round to it. Until now. The seams are crooked, and the hem isn't all that straight, but she's three, she doesn't notice things like that. And I was in a hurry to get it finished. And it's kinda cute. :)


  1. Olen huomannut omalla kohdallani saman ilmiön, tyttömäisyys nostaa päätään, farkut eivät enää olekaan ainoa mahdollinen vaate :o
    Tykkään tosta maximekosta, musta se on hieno! Ja pikkuprinsessan tietty kans!

  2. Love the short dress, it looks great!

  3. villapeikko - mullehan sanottiin tässä joku aika sitten että musta on tullu nainen. :D Taisin silloin haikailla jonkun pitsisen mekon perään. Mutta ehkä tässä iässä onkin jo korkee aika löytää se sisäinen tyttömäisyys. :D

    Theresa - Thanks! :)

  4. I heart your dresses!
    And that is one seriously cutesy princess you have there. It serves her right to be dressed accordingly. Yes, indeed.

  5. hengissä on hän. nettiyhteys tuli vasta tänään, joten oon ollu pimennossa muutaman viikon. :)

  6. NIIN hienoa kuulla sinusta! Valtaisa kyberhali!