Thursday, April 21, 2011

I have this weird thing..

About having to sew myself something new to wear whenever I go out to party. Which happens about twice a year. I think I need to go out more, just think how much clothes I'd have if I'd go out, say, once a month. But, alas, I doubt the husband would let me go out that often. :/ I have lots of improvements to make to the next version, but I'm pretty happy with this version too. FYI, lace is a PITA to sew. (I know, I know, the pictures suck once again, trying to take your own picture isn't all that easy. XD The first pic shows the color correctly, the second one is just to show the length.)


  1. OH! I heart black on black! It should be mandatory for you to go out every now and then if such fabulousities pop out from your sewing machine as a result!

  2. Black on black rocks! Especially if you're my size. :D Next I'd need to make myself a LBD. My teacher told me that every woman should have one in her wardrobe. :D