Sunday, December 5, 2010

So I made a coat..

And then it got too cold for me to wear it. Oh pah. Anyways, it's a wool coat, a fun circle shape (please don't ask me what pattern it is, I have no idea whatsoever.) So far I've used a very fancy safety pin to fasten the coat with, I'm working on a better solution. :) The collar isn't sewn on correctly, it's supposed to lie perfectly flat, but let's pretend that I wanted it to look the way it does, ok? Because I'm so not going to admit that I just couldn't figure out how the heck it was supposed to be sewn. And I kinda like it the way it is now. And let's also pretend that I don't look very tired and pale in the pictures, with strange shadows where shadows shouldn't be present. Oh, also, you can't see that double chin, can you? ;)
And of course I had to make a matching bag, because I'm a bit anal like that. This was a real pain in the a** to sew, I had to pull the thing forward with both hands, because the foot of my sewing machine just didn't want to move ahead while sewing the ribbon on. Argh, never doing that again!

And finally, I went to the theatre yesterday, so I just had to make myself a new skirt. Because I had absolutely nothing to wear! It's warm, it's cute, and I love it! (the only thing that bugs me just a teeny bit, is that with a little bit of effort I could've made the vertical stripes continue in a smooth line from the waistband to the rest of the skirt. But I didn't think of that at the time, and I only wear löong shirts anyway, so nobody will ever know. Except for everybody who sees these pictures. XD )


  1. I was trying to think which I liked best but I love all of them! Nice job. And blah for all that snow you have :(

  2. Look at you standing out in the snow! brrrr....! I like the coat and the skirt!

  3. Sä oot taitava!!! ja ihanaa lunta ja lämmin hame!! <3

  4. Mä tykkään NIIIN tosta laukusta! On takki ja hamekin ihania! :D

  5. torirot - thank you!

    Dorothy - thanks!

    Amybel - hard to pick a favorite, isn't it. ;) By now we've got almost twice as much snow than we did when the photo was taken, it has been snowing non-stop all day today.

    Hippy Goodwife - luckily it wasn't too cold outside! :)

    Tea - aww, kiitos! <3

    Tiina - mä voin sulle kertoa ettet oo mitenkään ainoa joka tykkää laukusta. :D