Monday, November 1, 2010

Don't try this at home kids

Try to take decent photos in the dark. Because, you see, it just won't work. It's just impossible to get good photos when it's this dark. So I'll show you a few sucky photos, just pretend that they're now horribly underlit, ok?

First a simple pink raglan that I made for the tiny one, I used the Top Down Raglan Sweater Generator that I always use for these kinds of knits. And just so that it wouldn't be too boring, I sewed on a couple of buttons. The yarn is Cascade 220, in a very girly pink. :)

And because I'm completely convinced that you've enjoyed these photos, I'm going to show you a couple more. I made three new bracelets, one to replace the one I made earlier, that broke into a million and one pieces, and two completely new ones. Because I have nothing better to do all day than sit on my a$$, watch Stargate and make bracelets. Nope, I really don't.

And they all have different clasps, bacause where would the fun be in using similar clasps on all of them?


  1. What a beautiful smile! I think she likes the sweater.

    The bracelets are really pretty!

  2. LOVE the sweater!! I knit, but have yet to try a sweater, how hard is it?? I knit purses, stockings, mittens, scarves and some other things, but sweaters SCARE me!! LOL LOVE the bracelets too!

  3. I do adore the tiny one, she's so cute! The bracelets are gorgeous, as well. <3

  4. Dorothy - She actually wore the sweater for a while before taking it off, a sure sign that she likes it. :)

    Michele - that's why I make kiddie-sized sweaters, apparently I can't finish an adult-sized one. :) It's not really that hard, I just don't have the patience for it.

    Tiina - aww, thanks. :)