Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Super-duper quickie

So I knit a hat. It took me all of half an evening to make. And I'm not able to wear it for even half that long. I'm so never using this yarn again for anything. It doesn't feel too bad on the ball, doesn't even feel bad knit up, but good grief how much it makes my scalp itch! Argh! I wore it for about ten minutes, and felt like scratching my scalp and ears until the bleed. So, not gonna wear this. Which really is too bad, because I really wanted a hat with sequins. Am I really going to have to buy a hat with sequins? Shock, horror!


  1. It looks darling! Lining itchy everything with fleece prevents you from scratching. Plus it takes very little time with a serger.
    Experience has shown me that possibly organic, cotton fleece is best. It breathes, is soft and doesn´t make your forhead sweat. I use it to line all on my son´s beanies. He´s very sensitive, even shower hurts his skin... so only imagine what a wooly yarn would do.
    ( I order my cotton fleeces on line, I´ve yet to find any at the Back of Beyond. )
    But I do love the look and color of your beanie! Please don´t toss it.

  2. Nunt - ♥

    Dorothy - I've been considering it..

    Amybel - I know, right?

    WeirdRockStar - I'm just afraid that lining it with fleece will make it too hot. We'll see. I have to do *something*, because I can't wear it the way it is now. Maybe pick up stitches, and knit it into a double hat. But that would make it really warm too. Dunno what I'll do.