Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh, poor neglected blog, how do I feel sorry for thee..

What can I say, moving is bloody hard. I haven't had any energy left over for this blogging stuff (plus we've had the slowest internet connection ever since we moved, just got out broad band back yesterday), I haven't even knit anything in ages. :O Like I said no energy, we're all out of that around here. Sold out, sorry. But I promise to bring you all up to date on the house-stuff sooner or later, after we get settled in a bit better. :) Because right now, this is what most of our new house looks like, kinda need to concentrate on getting the house fixed up. ;)
ps. that's not our couch, it's a loan couch that we get to keep until we get our new couch.


  1. Moving IS hard! I hope you feel settled soon!

  2. Tsemppiä! Kohta se on valmis ja sit voit nauttia :)