Sunday, October 11, 2009

The only thing I've sewn all week

Is a pair of pants for my 5yo. Honestly, this is depressing. And the only reason to why I've even had time to make these, is that I made them during my sewing course on Wednesday. Have I mentioned before that working full-time sucks? I have? Oh. Well, it does. And eventho I've had the weekend off I haven't gotten anyhing done because I've been too tired. :( Ok, the complaint portion of this post is now over. On to showing you the pants, and here they are
What can I say, I think these are really cute, and the fabric is adorable. :) Plus it's nice and soft too. It's a corduroy that I got from my local fabric store a while back, it was half-priced so I just had to get it. :) The pattern is from some Ottobre magazine, I have no idea which one tho. I just drew the one pattern up from the magazine, but didn't remember to check which issue it was. The pattern was really simple, and I'll probably be using it again, when I have time. The size is 116cm, and the pants are a bit big on the girl, but like my mantra says: she'll grow into them. :) I would have liked a different kind of elastic for the waist, but I only had this thin kind at home, so I had to use what I had. I couldn't remember if the pockets were supposed to go on the front or the back, but I decided to put them on the front. :) Here's one more pic of my daughter's Sunday outfit
ps. The longies are coming along quite well, I have one leg done, and am about halfway on the other.

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